Cultural Awareness and Wealth.

We live in a period of Great and rapid Changes, with great Opportunities, but also with the risks of a cultural leveling and a loss of good values.
Our roots, our diversity and our culture constitute a Wealth that we can not afford to dispel, even in a globalized world.
Our Culture must not act as a barrier but rather must help us learn from the Wealth of other Human Beings.
We can learn a lot from those who live better than us, from those who do things better than us, based on the results obtained – both at the economic level and at the level of wellbeing of life, even social – from any part of the world these teachings come from.
To emulate the Excellence, and go even further, and try and try again to do better.
Personally I share the thought of Albert Einstein: “The mind is like a parachute it only works when it’s open.”
That openness of mind that can allow us to increase our inner richness until we have life, and which, in my opinion, must also lead us to the improvement of our living conditions, of our income and economic conditions, of our well-being, as individuals and as a society.
I reflected once again on these issues while I was reading a book written by Jonathan Taplin “Move Fast and Break Things”, a voice certainly particular but that gave me some further food for thought: “…history is made by humans…”
He mentions Gabriel García Márquez and his life and work that “were marked by refusal to believe that we are incapable of creating a more just world”.
I share with Taplin that: “Cultural amnesia only leads to cultural death.” (From “Move Fast end Break Things”, written by Jonathan Taplin, published in the UK 2017 by Macmillan, printed and bound by CPI (UK) Ltd).
In my humble opinion Cultural Awareness is the personal starting point, that must be increased throughout life.
To do Better, to pursue Excellence, in the Family, at Work and in favor of the Community.