Real Estate

We have been assisting several Condominium Administrators for years, mainly in Milan and in the province, and because of the variety of everyday experience gained in this field we are able to follow every question of Civil Law.

We also collaborate with Notaries, Real Estate Companies, Companies and Individuals, for the drafting of the deeds and the negotiation of the inherent property sales.

Banking and Financial Law

The Firm assists individuals and companies in their relations with the Banks, which consist in drafting the deeds necessary to achieve the pre-set economic objectives, as well as in the negotiation of financial relationships.

Building Contracts

We have gained a great experience over the years in this area, defending Builders, individual Purchasers, Works Directors and Designers.

A 360-degree experience.

Company Law

We assist many companies that provide or produce goods and provide services of various kinds, both in ordinary and extraordinary management.

The Firm provides daily assistance and consultancy on extrajudicial matters, including the drafting or amendment of contracts and the negotiation of the same for commercial agreements between companies.

Personal Loss

Our focus is on damages – tangible and intangible losses – deriving from medical malpractice and road accidents.

You can send a request directly to the founding partner Daniele C. A. Borgogno using the following e-mail: