The first change in our lives always begins first of all within ourselves.
To choose what to improve ourselves and how to change for the better, we must certainly ask ourselves what we want to become and what are our worthy goals to pursue, with the further consideration that in an increasingly globalized and interconnected world – in which each of us, has the opportunity to make a real difference – our goals and our actions can have more and more effect also on other Human Beings and also on our planetary habitat, which can abstractly guarantee us better conditions of life through its accurate conservation and a wise use of the great scientific and technological achievements, which in my opinion could not only improve our living conditions but also improve the environment that allows us survival and prosperity, through projects that are not only eco-friendly but also profitable with even big and new business opportunities.
As rightly explained by Yuval Noah Harari (“Sapiens – a brief history of humankind”, Random UK), in the last 70,000 years Homo Sapiens has moved from a position of little importance to one in which he completely dominates Planet Earth, an element that now gives us a particular responsibility for the direction we want to give to things.
We can agree or disagree with the conjectures and conclusions presented by Harari (certainly not on scientific data and historical truths, which are undeniable), also for the different subjective ethical positions of each one, but I think that, in general, before giving answers it is wise to ask questions and reflect on them carefully, even more so in the current historical and evolutionary phase, in which we individually and collectively hold the rudders of our individual and global Destinies in our hands.